Wyoming Respiratory Therapy Schools

The State of Wyoming has an estimated population of 544,270 which is ranked 50th in the US. It is the tenth largest state, and is greatly composed of mountains. Unfortunately since the Great Depression, the unemployment rate has increased to 7.6%. So if you are in search of a new career which promises better chances of employment, it is best to check out the field of respiratory therapy.

Possible Careers Involving Respiratory Therapy in Wyoming

Respiratory technicians are very much in demand in Wyoming due to the increasing rate of growth in the middle-aged and elderly populations. They normally work between 35 to 40 hours per week, with an average annual earning of $41,590. In the year 2007 alone, there was an estimated 17,610 respiratory therapy technician jobs, offered but this is expected to increase by 23% in 2016.

The role of respiratory technicians is focused on evaluating, monitoring, treating and caring for patients with breathing disorders. They may either work in hospitals, respiratory clinics, nursing homes and doctor offices. They are in constant communication with doctors and healthcare personnel so as to provide the best treatment strategies for patients.

Some Common Responsibilities of Respiratory Technicians

If you are interested to become a respiratory technician, then you should be aware of the tasks involved in this occupation. You will be exposed to infectious diseases like emphysema, pneumonia and bronchitis. You will utilize ventilators, aerosols, and various types of oxygen equipment and breathing treatments. You will clean and sterilize therapy equipment. You will constantly update the records of your patient which means that you will interview and examine patients in order to gather date which will be helpful in identifying the best treatment strategy fit for him.

Educational Requirements for Respiratory Therapy

You will need at least an associate’s degree if you plan to enroll in a Respiratory Therapy School. Some of the courses included in the curriculum are human anatomy, microbiology, physics, mathematics, chemistry and pharmacology. It also provides training in therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, along with tests like cardiopulmonary resuscitation, respiratory health promotion, disease prevention, and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.

It is best to have a Registered Respiratory Therapist Certificate so you may have better chances of landing supervisory jobs. But you have to pass two separate exams before you can acquire this.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Wyoming (WY)

Unfortunately there are no Respiratory Therapist schools currently enrolling in this area. Please check again later, or click here to broaden your search.


Other Wyoming Respiratory Therapy Schools

There are many schools who offer respiratory therapy courses. This normally lasts for two years depending on the experience and educational background of the student enrolling in the program. Below is a list of some of the schools in Wyoming which offer this program.

Casper College
125 College Dr
Casper , WY 82601-4699
General Phone:
Website: www.caspercollege.edu

College America
6101 Yellowstone Road, Ste. 101
Cheyenne, WY 82009
Website: www.collegeamerica.edu

Grand Canyon University – Online
Website: www.online.gcu.edu