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About Respiratory Therapist Jobs in Wisconsin

Respiratory therapists work under the direct supervision of a physician. They are responsible for limited physical examinations of patients. Through examination, the respiratory therapist can determine the source of breathing complications. If a physical examination does not reveal the culprit, then a blood test may be used. These therapists work in conjunction with other healthcare professionals. The ability to work effectively in a team based environment is important.

Respiratory therapists work with a physician to craft a treatment plan for the patient. Respiratory therapists can treat breathing problems using an array of methods; for example, chest physiotherapy, oxygen therapy, aerosol, and oxygen mixture therapies are all methods employed by these professionals. Respiratory therapists work under highly stressful situations. Patients in intensive care are often on ventilators. There are cases when the doctor may suggest to the family, the patient will not recover. In these instances, there is such emotional factors surrounding the family and healthcare team. Respiratory therapists must be strong minded to handle these types of situations.

Respiratory Therapist Salaries in Wisconsin

The annual salary of the average entry level respiratory therapist in Wisconsin is $45,000. Salaries can climb into the high fifty thousand dollar range for experienced therapist. Advanced therapists typically earn $61,000 or more per year.

Job Outlook for Respiratory Therapists

The future of healthcare looks very bright. The aging population will be flooding the medical systems around the country. Healthcare providers are trying to prepare for the increased demand. Professionals in specialty fields in medicine will see considerable growth. Jobs for graduates of respiratory therapy programs will be plentiful. Medical providers predict shortages in available staff. The medical field is one of the few fields where vacancies will exceed the number of applicants to fill the positions. Skilled therapists can enjoy the security of a good paying job with stability. They can be sure that their career will most likely flourish. Recessions do not affect the medical field as deeply as other industries.

Roles and Responsibilities of Respiratory Therapists

Patients count on doctors and other team members to put their health first. Respiratory therapist are called on to restore proper breathing patterns. Thus, this professional has the responsibility of doing everything necessary medically to return breathing to normal. If this is not possible, then a therapist must coordinate another plan to improve the patient’s situation.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Wisconsin (WI)

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Other Respiratory Therapy Schools in Wisconsin

Chippewa Valley Technical College
620 W Clairemont Ave
Eau Claire, WI 54701-6162

Madison Area Technical College
3550 Anderson St
Madison, WI 53704