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About Respiratory Therapy Careers in Vermont

To get a better understanding of what a respiratory therapist does it can be helpful to learn more about the job. It also can be helpful to understand what is involved in the education process and some of the responsibilities that respiratory therapists have. The most general explanation of this type of job is someone that is an expert on breathing. They are the ones that help patients to breathe and solve any type of problems that exist. There are different ways that this can be done and someone with training in this field will need to know how to diagnose breathing problems and fix them in a very short period of time.

These careers are fairly secure and are in high demand right now. These types of jobs can provide a decent salary and someone with a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn right around $56,000 annually. There are a couple different types of certifications that can be received. The first type is a CRT or certified respiratory therapist and the second type is a RRT or registered respiratory therapist. The first one requires less education and less testing. The second one will require a bachelor’s degree and those that wish to become registered will need to pass two different exams.

Common College Courses

Since each college has a little bit different curriculum the actual courses that will be required for someone to take can vary. In the state of Vermont they have a certain curriculum that they have developed that students will have to go through in order to receive a degree in this field. Some of the more common courses that are required can be found below.

Cardiopulmonary Disease
Respiratory Care
Respiratory Clinical
Elements of Microbiology
Anatomy & Physiology

Responsibilities of Respiratory Therapists

The responsibilities of a respiratory therapist can be very stressful. It’s important for someone to be able to think quickly and be able to problem solve on the fly. When patients come into the emergency room and they are having trouble breathing there needs to be a quick analysis and a quick solution that is found. This can obviously mean the difference between life and death and is a necessary part of the job. Some of the more common things a respiratory therapist would be required to do include providing oxygen, administering specific medications, and inserting breathing tubes to get patients breathing again. It is fairly well-known that if someone does not have oxygen for certain period of time it can cause permanent brain damage.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Vermont (VT)

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Other Schools Offering Respiratory Therapy Courses in Vermont

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