St. Louis Respiratory Therapy Schools

Roles and Responsibilities of Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory Therapist is an integral part of the medical field. In today’s society they are responsible for any and all respiratory care, therapeutic treatments, and diagnostic procedures as well which includes the supervision of respiratory therapy technicians. They work side by side with the physicians and the other health care professionals to develop new and improve health care patient plans. Not only do they offer good judgment on proper health procedures but them also hell [p care for patients who are also on life support in the ICU units in hospitals when needed.

Not only does Respiratory Therapist evaluate on premature children who lungs are not yet fully developed but they also work alongside the elderly patients who no longer can take care of themselves. While they cannot prescribe cures however they can provide temporary relief for patients that have chronic asthma, or emphysema. They can also provide emergency care for those who suffer a heart attack or a stroke etc.

Educational Requirements

Because Respiratory Therapy is so crucial and complex, students who wish to participate and learn about this program will have to obtain an associate’s degree, they have to learn about various subjects such as: anatomy and physiology, health, microbiology, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation as well as many other subjects that are offered in this program of study. They will also have to be licensed to practice, they will have to have a CPR certification, meet the requirements of the Co Arc, and the NBRC.


The medical field had come a long way due to Respiratory Therapy, now checking vital signs is a lot easier to do with the help of Respiratory Therapy, their knowledge, skill and training is what helps save patients live and help to build and an overall pleasant experience in the hospital or doctors office.


The average wage is between 37,000 on up to about 68,000 a year all depending on where the individual decides where to work.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in St. Louis, MO

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Other Schools in St. Louis Offering Respiratory Therapy Training Programs

There are many school In St. Louis that offer this program some of which are as follows

University of Missouri
Respiratory Extension Therapy School
at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center
615 South New Ballas Road
St. Louis, MO 63141

St.Louis Community College
Florissant Valley
3400 per shall Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63135-1408