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About Respiratory Therapy Jobs in South Dakota

Every day someone will enter an emergency room somewhere in the country with a breathing problem. They will expect to receive care from a doctor. However, another medical professional will most likely be consulted also. Respiratory therapy is a profession in the medical field that focuses on restoring normal breathing. Patients can have their breathing affected by a number of elements. The job of this therapist lies in helping the patient breathe on their own or with assistance. The ability to freely breathe is important. Fortunately, many of us do not have to think about how important this basic task is to our survival.

Respiratory therapists work in a variety of situations. Most work in hospitals. Some work in home healthcare situations. This professional has a thorough understanding of how the human respiratory system works.
Respiratory therapists must determine the extent of the breathing problem. This can be accomplished by analyzing blood. The blood is the life giving liquid in our body that carries oxygen to all parts of our body. Also, oxygen levels can be measured by allowing the patient to breathe into certain measurement devices. Once the extent is determined, the therapist can decide what action needs to be taken.

Respiratory Therapist Salaries in South Dakota

Respiratory therapists make a wonderful living. You will not become rich in this profession; however, the amount of training necessary is not overwhelming. The average entry level respiratory therapist in South Dakota makes around $41,700 per year. This is a great salary for only two years of training. Therapists with experience make $56,000 or more per year.

Job Outlook for Respiratory Therapists

Projections from the United States Department of Labor indicate the exponential growth of healthcare occupations. The medical field is gearing up for record growth. Specialty fields in healthcare will be especially important. Current shortages will only increase. Respiratory Therapy is a great career to transition into.

Roles and Responsibilities of Respiratory Therapists

The respiratory therapist must be able to work well with a group or team. A patient’s care must be coordinated by a medical team. Patients that have breathing problems will need a group of highly qualified medical professionals.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in South Dakota (SD)

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Other Respiratory Therapy Schools Offering Respiratory Therapy Training Programs in South Dakota

Dakota State University
820 N Washington
Madison, SD 57042-1799

Independence University