Seattle Respiratory Therapy Schools

About Respiratory Therapist Jobs

Respiratory therapists should expect to find jobs working in respiratory care, anesthesiology and pulmonary medicine departments of hospitals and nursing care facilities, physician and heath care practitioners’ offices. The demand for respiratory therapists is expected to increase over the next 3 to 6 years.

Respiratory Therapist Salary in Seattle

A respiratory therapist in Seattle makes on average $29 per hour. This can range from $22 to $37 per hour. The wage depends on a number of things. Education, licensing, experience are three of the major factors in wages. There are also great benefits available while working in this field. Many therapists receive paid time off, sick leave, and excellent affordable dental, medical and life insurance.


To become a respiratory therapist you must have at least an associate’s degree. To better the chances of finding a career in this field a bachelor’s degree should be earned. An associate’s degree will gain an entry level position, but there are not as many entry level positions available. A license is also required to practice respiratory therapy. A Masters can also be gained if so desired.

Responsibilities of a Respiratory Therapist

A respiratory therapist is responsible for evaluating, caring and treating patients with breathing difficulties and other cardiopulmonary diseases. While working under the supervision of a physician the therapist is responsible for all respiratory care. Also a therapist is responsible for supervising all respiratory technicians. Respiratory therapists have a variety of patients; these can range from infants with under developed lungs to the elderly suffering from a number of breathing difficulties. They also help individuals with temporary relief for diseases such as emphysema and chronic asthma, and can give emergency care to patients who suffer from strokes, heart attacks, shock and even drowning.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Seattle, WA

Charter College

Charter College is a private, independent institution of higher education that follows a new direction. Charter College is neither a liberal arts college, a university, nor a vocational school. Instead, Charter College borrows certain elements from each of those respected educational institutions to create a unique and innovative experience for our students.

We offer career training programs in the growing fields of health care, business, law, criminal justice, information technology, and select trade careers. We strive to provide our students with a career-focused education that is both relevant in today’s workspace and cutting-edge in technology and focus.

  • Fife
  • Lacey
  • East Wenatchee
  • Certificate - Medical Assistant

Other Schools Offering Respiratory Therapy Courses in Seattle, Washington

Unfortunately there are not very many schools currently offering training in respiratory therapy. Here are the only two available in or around Seattle.

Pima Medical Institute
555 S. Renton Village Place, Suite 110
Renton, WA 98057

Seattle Central Community College
1701 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122