San Jose Respiratory Therapy Schools

About Respiratory Therapy Jobs

Respiratory therapists work in almost every medical facility. They specialize in saving lives and work directly with the patient. Although they have other administrative duties, their main responsibility is to keep people breathing through the use of machines and medication. They keep other medical personnel informed of any life threatening changes made by the patient. They are important members in the medical field.
Even though a respiratory therapist’s job is very rewarding to both the patients that they tend and themselves, there is an immense shortage of them throughout the medical profession. There are openings in every hospital and clinic, which means that with the proper education, it is easy to find employment. Salaries in the San Jose area start out at $55,500 a year for a student with a technical certificate to over $60,000 for those with a higher education or experience in the field.


The education varies from certificates from technical schools that provide 6 month to 2 year training programs to PhD. programs which take a minimum of 8 years. This is important since it is easy to over-medicate or under-medicate a patient, which can cost them their lives. For a bachelor degree in respiratory therapy the classes are generally as follows:

Critical Thinking
Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Continued Care
Pharmacotherapeutics in Respiratory Care
Advance Medical Ventilation
Applied Studies in Patients Safety
Advanced Neonatal Pediatric Respiratory Care
Evidence Based Practice in Health Sciences
Advanced Respiratory Care Diagnostics
Leadership and Management in Health Sciences
Principles of Sleep Diagnostics

Responsibilities of a Respiratory Therapist

A respiratory therapist is used in the medical field for many functions. They take medical histories, evaluate patients, and give advice on medications. They also perform the medical treatments pertaining to all respiratory ailments. They reassure patients that are depressed and give them something to look forward to if they are lonely. The respiratory therapist deals with almost all types of medical professionals and they do all of this with an upbeat disposition.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in San Jose, CA

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