Portland Respiratory Therapy Schools

About Respiratory Therapy Jobs

A respiratory therapist plays an essential role within hospitals and in homes. They’re responsible for making sure that patients are breathing properly and if they’re not, they work to diagnose the problem and provide a solution to help fix it. These types of jobs are in high demand and if you live in the Portland area and are interested in a career in this field then you may want to learn more about some of the Portland respiratory therapy schools.

People that get a job in this area of medicine can expect to earn an average salary of right around $56,000 per year. This is a fairly good salary for not having to receive a doctorate degree. There are two different types of respiratory therapists that exist. The first type is called a certified respiratory therapist and someone can qualify for this after completing an Associates degree in this field of study. There is also a requirement to pass an exam in order to receive this certification. To become more advanced and to become a registered respiratory therapist it will be necessary to receive a four year degree and pass two additional exams.

Types of College Courses

In order to get a degree from a college you’ll be required to pass certain courses. It is important that students that are studying in this area have a vast knowledge and good understanding of the respiratory system within the body. For this reason they are required to take courses that teach them about these types of things so that they can become extremely knowledgeable on the subject. Some of the courses that one may be required to complete include the following:

Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology
Clinical Practice
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Mechanical Ventilation
Pulmonary Function Testing
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Therapeutic Procedures

Some Responsibilities of a Respiratory Therapist

One of the biggest responsibilities of someone that does this for a living is to help patients that are having difficulty breathing. They usually will operate under the supervision of a doctor or surgeon and will have the responsibility of figuring out why someone is having a hard time breathing and how to fix it. It may be necessary for someone to administer respiratory support through oxygen, medications, or even intubations. It can be necessary to know how to do this to help save someone’s life. If someone cannot breathe they don’t have long before they will pass out and eventually die. So this type of job is very important and necessary in the medical field.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Portland, OR

Charter College

Charter College is a private, independent institution of higher education that follows a new direction. Charter College is neither a liberal arts college, a university, nor a vocational school. Instead, Charter College borrows certain elements from each of those respected educational institutions to create a unique and innovative experience for our students.

We offer career training programs in the growing fields of health care, business, law, criminal justice, information technology, and select trade careers. We strive to provide our students with a career-focused education that is both relevant in today’s workspace and cutting-edge in technology and focus.

  • Vancouver
  • Certificate - Medical Assistant

Other Schools That Offer Respiratory Therapy Courses in Portland Oregon

Apollo College
2004 Lloyd Center 3rd Floor
Portland, OR 87232
Website: www.apollocollege.edu

Concorde Career Colleges
1425 NE Irving Street, Bldg 300
Portland, OR 97232
Website: www.concorde.edu

Everest Institute
9600 SW Oak St
Tigard, OR 97223
Website: www.everest.edu