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About Respiratory Therapist Jobs in Pittsburgh

Medical professionals usually go into the profession to help people. They desire to relieve the suffering of human- kind. The healthcare professional is able to make a concrete difference in the lives of many people. None of us like to be sick. Medical treatment that relieves the pain, suffering, and difficulty in a person’s life is truly wonderful. The sound of a baby taking its first breath is truly a miracle. A dying person taking their last breath is an emotional experience. A baby wheezing and struggling to catch its breath is disturbing.

Respiratory therapy professionals have the training to address many breathing problems. They can help a person regain normal functioning of their respiratory system. Various methods can be used to accomplish this. The intensive training in respiratory therapy, prepares the therapist to effectively apply these methods.

Different situations demand different responses from the respiratory therapist. An emergency situation will require a different approach than a patient with chronic breathing problems.

Respiratory Therapy Salaries in Pittsburgh

Respiratory therapist rank well on the pay scale of professionals with a two year degree. Respiratory therapists in Pittsburgh bring home annual salaries of $47,000. Those with more experience knock down salaries of $57,000 or more per year.

Educational Requirements

The profession of respiratory therapy requires graduation from an accredited respiratory therapy college. The next step in becoming a working therapist includes taking a certification exam. Passing this exam will result in licensure in the respiratory therapy field. The respiratory therapist is now qualified to practice in any medical facility.

Job Outlook for Respiratory Therapy

The next decade will be extremely hot for the medical field. Medical professionals will be hunted like prey. Hospitals and doctor offices will be scrambling to keep up with the coming patient loads. The baby boomers are coming in record numbers. Healthcare facilities must gear up to deal with the increasing patient loads. Thus, the future looks amazingly bright for respiratory therapy.

Roles and Responsibilities of Respiratory Therapists

The respiratory therapist has an obligation to the patient to use the very best medical intervention possible. This professional is tasked with a very important job. Breathing is the most natural thing humans do. Anything that interferes with this threatens the very life of the person. The respiratory professional must work to restore proper breathing in the patient.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Pittsburgh, PA

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Point Park University
201 Wood St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1984

Community College Of Allegheny County
800 Allegheny Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15233-1895