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About Respiratory Therapy Careers in Philadelphia

Few things are as irritating as difficulty breathing. A cold can cause a person intense irritation. This illness is only temporary. Some patients have a far greater problem than a temporary cold. Lungs can become inflamed for many reason; however, the result is usually the same. Trouble breathing will always accompany injury or disease to the lungs. Physicians must be quick and precise in repairing the damage. Surgery is sometimes needed to restore proper functioning. Other times, medicine is enough to heal the lungs and respiratory system.

Respiratory therapists participate in the recovery process of many patients. They also must be present when a patient must be put on a ventilator. They work at all ends of the spectrum. Handling those from birth to those closer to death. The respiratory therapist is an important part of any medical team. These professionals work effectively with doctors and medical staff to plan a course of action for the patient. Therapy requires a decisive plan. Alternate methods may need to be used in some cases. All patients do not respond the same to certain treatments. Thus, the respiratory therapist has to be extremely knowledgeable about their craft. They are in the business of restoring free breathing. When a patient can take a deep breath freely, the therapist can claim success.

Respiratory Therapist Salaries in Philadelphia

Many jobs are experiencing salary reductions across the world. Respiratory therapists are not expected to be in this category. In fact, medical professional salaries are relatively stable. Increased demand will most likely increase salaries for medical professionals. A respiratory therapist in Philadelphia can deposit $47,000 per year in their bank account. This is not deducting taxes and other expenses. The likelihood of earning $57,900 or more in later career years is highly possible.

Educational Requirements

Associate college programs tend to focus primarily on teaching a skill to students. This intense skill focus delivers students that are ready to enter the workforce. Respiratory therapist in Philadelphia can expect to hit the ground running after completion of a two year associate degree. Once this education is completed, the student can sit for the certification exam. Philadelphia requires all respiratory therapist to be licensed.

Job Outlook

Human Resource professionals are predicting high growth in all medical specialty fields. Respiratory therapy is included in this evaluation. Medical careers will be increasingly popular in the next decade. Seniors will push the limits of the current available medical staff.

Roles and Responsibilities of Respiratory Therapists

The respiratory therapist has a wonderful job. It is difficult at times, but the job can be intensely rewarding. Being able to witness a patient breath normally can be an exciting thing. Knowing that you as a professional made this happen can be very rewarding.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Philadelphia, PA

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