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About Respiratory Therapist Careers in Oakland

Respiratory therapists, or respiratory care practitioners (RCP for short), function as the help and treatment for patients with breathing or cardiovascular disorders.

There are currently more than 125,000 respiratory therapists in the United States. As a RCP, you’ll have many responsibilities. Among them will include management of mechanical ventilators, administering drugs to patients, administering oxygen to patients, monitoring cardiopulmonary systems, and assessing lung function. You will treat many different types of patients, including premature infants, elderly people, and people with chronic emphysema or asthma.

Respiratory therapists work with specialized, complex equipment in order to assist people with breathing. They are also now active in the fight against smoking, offering classes to their patients as well as the general public.


Various specialized equipment that respiratory therapists use includes:

  • Nebulizer – A machine that operates to transfer liquid medications into a mist that can easily be breather into the lungs through an external mouth or nose piece.
  • Oxygen Cylinders – A machine that supplies additional oxygen to patients who have the capability to still breathe by themselves.
  • CPAP Machine – A machine that supplies constant streams of air to prevent the airways from closing during the patient’s sleep.
  • Suction Machine – A device used to suction liquids from the lungs and airway, causing easier breathing.


During high school, take as many courses in biology, chemistry, physics, math and health science as possible. To become a respiratory therapist, you must either enroll in a 2-year associate’s degree or a 4-year bachelor’s degree. Most therapists enroll in 4-year or higher degrees, but an associate‘s degree will at least get you started. To graduate, you must pass the certified respiratory therapist exam. After that exam, you can take the two exams that will finally qualify you as a registered respiratory therapist. All states in America require this license in order to practice respiratory therapy, with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. Certain jobs such as intensive care require the registered respiratory therapist eligibility. Oakland, California has many schools that offer degrees in respiratory therapy.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Oakland, CA

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Other Schools Offering Respiratory Therapy Programs

Merritt College
1900 Fruitvale Avenue
Oakland, CA 94601-2468
Website: www.merritt.edu

Mills College
5000 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94613
Website: www.mills.edu/index.php

Oakland CET
8390 Capwell Drive
Oakland, CA 94621
Website: www.cetweb.org/oakland

Holy Names University
3500 Mountain Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94619-1699
Website: www.hnu.edu

436 14th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
Website: www.techskills.edu