Montana Respiratory Therapy Schools

Respiratory Therapist Job Outlook

The health care industry is growing and employment prospects are projected to be excellent for aspiring Respiratory Therapists, especially qualified candidates with a bachelor’s degree and higher, CRT certification, cardiopulmonary experience, or specialized qualification in infant care. Most states, except Hawaii and Alaska will require a state licensing to practice as a Respiratory Therapist. Job opportunities are commonly found within hospitals, but there is growing demand for Respiratory Therapy in private health care and assisted-living communities.

Educational Requirements

The least minimum requirement to become a Respiratory Therapist is an associate’s degree. Though, a bachelor’s or master’s degree will be important for advancement within this particular field. Opportunities to obtain the appropriate level of training to become a Respiratory Therapist is available at colleges, universities, technical and medical schools, or joining the military service. Respiratory Therapy Courses:

Human Anatomy
Cardiopulmonary pharmacology

Expected Earnings

Based on the national average, a Respiratory Therapists estimated earnings will be between $69,800 at the highest, and $37,920 at the lowest. In Montana, a Respiratory Therapist estimated earnings is expected to be a salary of $57,000.

Respiratory Therapist at Work

Respiratory Therapist jobs include diagnosing and treating patients that experience breathing and cardiopulmonary dysfunction. While working under a physicians direction, they take on the primary role of providing care for various age groups, babies that are born premature to seniors, and moderate to severe cases of illness. Respiratory therapists are trained to work with gases stored under pressure and follow strict safety rules to regularly test and maintain the equipment they utilize. Respiratory Therapists are additionally responsible for the supervision of Respiratory Therapy technicians. They treat patients who have suffered from heart attacks, chronic asthma, stroke, emphysema and give emergency care to patients that are victims of drowning, shock as well as other lung-related problems.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Montana (MT)

Charter College

Charter College is a private, independent institution of higher education that follows a new direction. Charter College is neither a liberal arts college, a university, nor a vocational school. Instead, Charter College borrows certain elements from each of those respected educational institutions to create a unique and innovative experience for our students.

We offer career training programs in the growing fields of health care, business, law, criminal justice, information technology, and select trade careers. We strive to provide our students with a career-focused education that is both relevant in today’s workspace and cutting-edge in technology and focus.

  • Billings
  • Missoula
  • Certificate - Medical Assistant

Other Schools in Montana that Offer Respiratory Therapy Training Programs

College of Technology
909 South Ave West
Missoula, MT 59801

Montana State University Great Falls College of Technology
2100 16th Ave S
Great Falls, MT 59405