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About Respiratory Therapist Jobs in Mississippi

Breathing is controlled by our brain; it is automatic. Our lungs are involved in this complex process. Most of us do not really think about how important breathing is to human life. Once something happens that threatens our ability to freely breathe; we understand how each breath is a gift. Being able to inhale and exhale with no difficulty is truly a gift. Respiratory therapists work everyday with patients that have impaired breathing. There are many reasons their breathing has been affected. Their lungs may be diseased. A baby’s lungs can be under developed. Infections and illnesses can impact the functioning of the lungs. Regardless of the reason for the difficulty, the respiratory therapist is expected to work with the doctor to create a patient care plan. This plan is meant to restore the person back to normal breathing.

Respiratory therapists work in a variety of situations. Many work in hospitals; however, some therapists may come into the homes of their patients. Oftentimes, patients must manage their own breathing equipment. This happens with patients that have chronic breathing problems. Breathing assistance from machines may be necessary for an extended period of time. As a result, the respiratory therapist acts as a trainer. The patient gradually learns how to manage his breathing condition on his own.

Respiratory Therapist Salaries in Mississippi

Most entry level respiratory therapists in Mississippi earn approximately $31,000. Advanced respiratory therapists earn salaries ranging from $47,000-$52,000. Professionals in this field can reach income levels with advanced education and experience.

Job Outlook for Respiratory Therapy in Mississippi

Unemployment in respiratory therapy is extremely low. A trained respiratory therapist can fully expect to have a job. The number of respiratory therapists needed in the coming years will increase substantially. Jobs in this field have a measure of stability and security.

Educational Requirements

The minimum degree required in respiratory therapy is an associate’s degree. You must obtain a respiratory therapy degree from a college that offers an accredited program. Licensure can not be accomplished until the degree is obtained. After passing the exam, a respiratory therapist can practice as a licensed therapist.
Some students choose to pursue a higher education in this field. Bachelors and Master’s degrees are available in respiratory therapy.

Roles and Responsibilities of Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists play a pivotal role in a patient’s health. Breathing complications can result in death or severe impairment. A lack of oxygen to the brain can have tragic consequences. Thus, this professional plays a key role in restoring the patient’s natural breathing ability.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Mississippi (MS)

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