Louisiana Respiratory Therapy Schools

About Respiratory Therapy Jobs in Louisiana

We have all seen characters on television or films that have been hooked up to a ventilator. These characters went through some type of traumatic experience that affected their ability to breathe on their own. Thus, an artificial breathing machine had to breathe for them. Most of us do not think about the medical professional responsible for monitoring the ventilator. Respiratory therapist are the healthcare professionals that treat breathing problems.
They treat a wide variety of problems. Also, they treat patients of all ages. Difficulty breathing affects all age groups.

Respiratory therapist hold a highly important job. Oftentimes, they must work under extreme pressure. Furthermore, breathing related distress must be treated immediately. There is no time to waste. In addition, respiratory therapist must handle highly hazardous gases. It is their responsibility to know how to properly work complex equipment. Calculations of how much of each gas to administer must be exact and precise. The respiratory therapist must be sharp and accurate. They must be emotionally stable and ready to make sound judgments.

Respiratory Therapist Salaries in Louisiana

Respiratory therapists in Louisiana can start out in this field earning approximately $33,000 per year. Years of experience as a respiratory therapist will eventually cause the salary to reach around $52,000 per year. The most highly paid respiratory therapists in Louisiana make around $60,000.

Job Outlook for Respiratory Therapists in Louisiana

Currently, there are vacancies in respiratory therapy that are unfilled. There are not enough trained, qualified therapists to meet the demand. This shortage will only increase as the older generations begin to receive more healthcare. High populations of the elderly will put pressure on hospitals to recruit more respiratory therapists.

Educational Requirements

Respiratory therapists in Louisiana must be licensed. The National Board for Respiratory Care issues certification to therapists that pass the exam. Applicants for the exam must be finished with an associate level degree from an accredited college. This is the minimum qualification to practice in Louisiana. Students that wish to progress further in the field have the option of pursuing a bachelor or master’s degree in respiratory therapy.

Roles and Responsibilities of Respiratory Therapists

The main job of the respiratory therapist is to help a patient breathe. The goal is to get the patient breathing on their own as quickly as possible. Also, the therapist may have to work with a patient over an extended period of time to return the patient back to normal breathing. These professionals are expected to be completely knowledgeable about respiratory methods and best practices.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Louisiana (LA)

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