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About Respiratory Therapy Schools in Indiana

Great discoveries in the medical field increase the life span of people. Today, people can expect to live long, healthy lives. Medical innovations make this possible. Many conditions human beings died from 50 years ago can now be cured with modern medicine. Respiratory therapy is one of the many specialty areas in medicine with high tech growth. Patients can receive assistance in breathing through different methods. The skilled respiratory therapist works with a doctor to determine the appropriate course of action. Many lives have been saved by the technology in this field.

Respiratory therapist are not highly visible. They do not receive the same recognition as other medical professions; however, they are critical team members in this field. Many people will encounter some type of breathing problem within their lifetime. The respiratory therapist can help restore your normal breathing. Accidents, surgeries, and smoking are all things that can directly affect your breathing. Your lungs are the organ that enables you to breathe. If the lungs are compromised, your breathing will be affected. Respiratory therapist work with patients to return their lungs back to the best state possible. Many times this may be accomplished with some type of breathing assistance equipment.

Respiratory Therapy Salaries in Indiana

Respiratory therapists in Indiana are well paid. If you factor in the short training period, this career option is highly attractive. For example, an entry level respiratory therapist in Indiana can gross $36,800 annually. Those therapists with more years of experience can expect to earn $56,500 per year.

Job Outlook for Respiratory Therapists

The healthcare field is predicting record growth in the coming years. The need for medical professionals will most likely exceed the availability of these professionals. The aging population is requiring more medical services.

Growth is expected to rise steadily through 2018.

Educational Requirements for Respiratory Therapy

Indiana requires the respiratory therapists in the state to be licensed. A person is eligible to take a certification exam after completing an accredited respiratory therapy program. The associate program in respiratory therapy takes two years to complete. An advanced degree will enable you to be promoted more quickly in this field.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Respiratory Therapist

Breathing is an essential requirement for life; thus, respiratory therapists must work quickly to restore a person’ normal breathing. The doctor expects the respiratory therapist to work to restore normal breathing. This may take time and require many sessions of therapy. The therapist can use medications and breathing tools to return a patient back to breathing successfully independently.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Indiana (IN)

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