Detroit Respiratory Therapy Schools


A Respiratory Therapist is responsible for the care of helping patients breathe better. They may work in a hospital, nursing home, direct care facility, rehabilation clinic or do in home care. The job entails long periods of walking and standing. Respiratory Therapist works closely with physicians to ensure patient’s needs are being met. Respiratory Therapist is usually only used for more serious breathing conditions such as chronic asthma or lung failure. Oxygen and oxygen mixtures is the most popular treatments used.


The pay range for Respiratory Therapist in Detroit can range anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 annually. Pay rate will depend on the company, level of education and experience of the person seeking employment. Most companies in Detroit pay the higher salaries to the most experienced people.

Job Outlook

Out of all the cities in Michigan, Detroit continues to draw the largest number of individuals seeking employment. The growing number of hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes and people seeking respiratory care puts Respiratory Therapist in high demand for Detroit.


The minimum education required to become a Respiratory Therapist is and Associates degree which can be completed in roughly 2 years at a junior college. Advanced bachelor or Master degrees are offered to those who want to further educate themselves and move up into upper level management positions or teaching.


After completing the minimum education requirements to become a Respiratory Therapist the candidate is able to sit for a certification exam provided by the National Board for Respiratory Care. Upon passing the exam the individual will be licensed to practice as a Respiratory Therapist in the state the license was given.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Detroit, MI

Unfortunately there are no Respiratory Therapist schools currently enrolling in this area. Please check again later, or click here to broaden your search.


Other Schools

There are not any schools in Detroit, MI that offer a Respiratory Therapist program however, there are schools located on the outskirts of Detroit and within 15 minutes from Downtown and they are:

Henry Ford Community College
5101 Evergreen Rd
Dearborn, MI 48128-1495

Macomb Community College
14500 E. Twelve Mile Rd
Warren, MI 48088-3896

Oakland Community College
2480 Opdyke Rd
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

Detroit public transportation drops off at each of the locations listed above.