Delaware Respiratory Therapy Schools

About Respiratory Therapy Schools in Delaware

Respiratory therapists help bring significant relief to patients. Breathing is such a basic human need. Holding your breath for a short time can leave you gasping for air. We have to breathe to live. There are many things that can interfere with our ability to breathe. Respiratory therapists work to restore the proper functioning of our lungs.
An accident can leave a person’s lungs damaged. The physician or surgeon must repair the damaged lung; however, the respiratory therapist aids in the recovery after the surgery. Thus, their work is a team effort.

Respiratory therapist work with all ages of patients. They work in many different situations also. This therapist may have to go from the neonatal ward to the intensive care ward of a hospital. Different methods are used to improve their breathing capacity. Respiratory therapists must be thoroughly trained to intervene in different breathing complications. They must treat lungs that have filled with mucus. This can happen after surgery. The induced sleeping state slows down respiration and causes mucus to accumulate in the lungs. Respiratory therapist are essential in addressing these breathing issues.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Delaware (DE)

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Other Respiratory Therapy Salaries in Delaware

Respiratory therapists earn good wages. Their education enables them to be paid nicely. In fact, entry-level respiratory therapists in Delaware bring home around $41,900. This salary is excellent for only two years of training.

More experienced respiratory therapists earn a salary close to $57,000. Those who go on to earn a bachelor or master’s degree can top $61,000 per year.

Respiratory Therapy Job Outlook

Jobs in the respiratory field look promising. The growth of the aging population increases the need for skilled respiratory therapists. Elderly people sometimes need assistance in regulating their breathing. The next decade will bring substantial growth in this occupation.

Educational Requirements

Respiratory therapist in the state of Delaware must be licensed. After a student graduates from an accredited program, the graduate can take the certification exam. Passing this exam will result in a license to practice as a respiratory therapist.

Roles and Responsibilities

Respiratory therapists are responsible for doing everything possible to restore a patient’s natural breathing ability. Many interventions may be necessary. The trained respiratory therapist is able to decide what methods will work best with their patients.

Respiratory Therapy Schools in Delaware

Delaware Technical And Community College Owens
Route 18, Seashore Highway
Georgetown, DE 19947

Delaware Technical And Community College Stanton Wilmington
400 Stanton-Christiana Rd
Newark, DE 19702