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About Respiratory Therapist Jobs in Boston

Healthcare is a solid field. People are going to get sick around the world. Sickness, illness, and injury are just realities in the life of a human being. The human anatomy is so complex that many health professionals are necessary to properly treat different conditions. Each bodily system in the human body is very intricate. Our breathing system is highly complex. Physicians study and specialize in this bodily system, and respiratory therapists study this system also. Of course, these professionals are on completely different levels. However, you would be surprised to learn just how critical respiratory therapists are in the medical field.

Patients often need extended treatment to return their lungs to the ideal state. Medicine is sometimes not enough. In these cases, the respiratory therapist goes to work conditioning this patient. The strengthening of the lungs can take time. Chronic breathing conditions sometimes require outpatient treatment. Respiratory therapists will go out into the home environment of the patient. They are able to teach the patient how to care for themselves. Many people must incorporate this new way of living into their daily lives. Patience is definitely a virtue necessary to succeed in this field.

Respiratory Therapist Salaries in Boston

Salaries for respiratory therapists in Boston are attractive. Two hard years of training can earn a person $47,500 straight out of school. This is good money. The investment of two years of training is rewarded nicely. The most highly compensated respiratory therapists in Boston earn around $63,000 per year. On the job experience really increases the value of a therapist.

Educational Requirements for Respiratory Therapists

Every state in the U.S., with the exception of Hawaii, and Alaska, require the respiratory therapist to be licensed.

The first step in this process is completion of a two year associate degree from an accredited school. Further education in this field will make advancement very likely.

Job Outlook for Respiratory Therapists

The increase of vacancies for respiratory therapists will continue. The biggest surge will come from the Baby Boomer generation. As these people age, their medical needs increase. Professionals interested in medicine can enter the respiratory therapy field at an ideal time.

Roles and Responsibilities for Respiratory Therapists

The role of a respiratory therapist is diversified. One moment this professional is coordinating with a doctor or nurse. The next moment the respiratory therapist may be working with a patient that is struggling to breathe. Oftentimes, this therapist must be a cheerleader and advocate for the patient.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Boston, MA

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