Arkansas Respiratory Therapy Schools

Breathing is a human activity that many of us take for granted. We do not understand how critical this function is until something compromises it. Every breath is actually a gift. Respiratory therapists work everyday to ensure that someone continues to breath the breath of life. Our lungs are the main organ that controls our breathing. Many conditions can affect this organ; Diseases caused by smoking can negatively affect the lungs. Respiratory therapists often use oxygen tanks to supply additional oxygen to the patient.

These professionals have the responsibility of caring for the youngest to the oldest of patients. Premature babies often have under developed lungs and require assistance from respiratory therapists. The care given to these infants often makes it possible for their lungs to eventually mature properly. Additional oxygen pumped directly to their lungs aids them in survival. These medical professionals must work under stress and pressure often. A patient that can not breathe requires quick and immediate help. Respiratory therapists have a short window of time to accomplish their work. A few minutes could mean the difference between a patient that lives or dies.

Respiratory Therapist Salaries in Arkansas

Respiratory therapists in Arkansas make a good living. The average salary for an entry-level therapist is $39,500 in Arkansas. Respiratory therapists with years of experience can command a salary of $56,000 or more. Promotions and advancement is more readily available to therapists with an advanced degree.

Job Outlook

Jobs for respiratory therapists are expected to increase in the next 8 years. A huge 20% increase in available jobs is projected. The growing number of aging adults will expand the demand for trained respiratory therapists in Arkansas. The stability of a career in this field is good. The nature of the job almost ensures job security. The skill these professionals possess is essential to healthcare.

Educational Requirements

Respiratory Therapists in Arkansas need an associate’s degree. The training obtained through a two year program in respiratory therapy will allow them to take the licensing test. The National Board for Respiratory Care gives a certification exam. Arkansas requires respiratory therapists to have a license.

Roles and Responsibilities for Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory Therapists must be prepared to work week ends, and holidays. They work 35 to 40 hours per week. These therapists are required to operate equipment that supplies oxygen.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in Arkansas (AR)

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Other Schools That Offer Respiratory Therapy Training Programs in Arkansas

Ultimate Medical Academy
1000 Campus Dr
Helena, AR 72342-0785

Bryan College-Rogers
3704 West Walnut Street
Rogers, AR 72756