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About Respiratory Therapist Jobs

Certified or Registered Respiratory Therapists are the two levels of education one can obtain in this medical field. The Registered RT has completed more classes and exams, often earning more in the workplace. Either level of education provides the training required to fulfill positions with critical demands on this highly skilled medical worker. Respiratory Therapists are in the business of saving lives and maintaining critical health systems for patients. RT’s interact with patients doctors and nurse staff providing detailed and urgent information in a diagnostic capacity.

Job Types and Earning Power for Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory Therapists enjoy a rewarding and life giving career. It is a multi-faceted job permitting the graduate of a Respiratory Therapist program to focus on an aspect of their new skills that might be more interesting than the next. For example, a RT can choose to work with a specific age group from the elderly to neonatal. A Respiratory Therapist can enter a fast paced critical care setting at a large hospital or choose to work their own schedule serving patients with home health care needs. Any of these particular tracks and many more are available through many District of Columbia schools and universities.

Earning Potential for Respiratory Therapists

Jobs are plentiful nationwide for both Certified and Registered Therapists. The larger the city the more a graduate can expect to make. It is important to note that many rural areas throughout the US are in need of certified RT’s and offer excellent benefits packages. Many of these smaller or remote towns will also offer a superb quality of living without typical urban pressures and costs. An income over $60,000 would be standard in a large city such as Washington, DC while a smaller community may offer an annual income of $40,000 or more depending on the RT’s focus.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in District of Columbia (DC)

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Other District of Columbia Respiratory Therapy Schools

Georgetown University: Pulmonary Disease
3800 Reservoir Road Northwest
Washington, DC 20007-2196

Washington Hospital Center‎
110 Irving Street Northwest,
Washington, DC 20010